Hair Loss







Hair loss can be a result of various causes including excessive intake of tea, coffee, alcohol, fried food, spicy food, oily food, meats and excessive smoking. It can also be a result of medication, hormonal changes and certain medical conditions. It is usually a result of excess Pitta Dosha (fire and water elements) which causes excess heat in the body which results in melting of the tissues including the hair. Therefore this results in hair loss.

Here are some simple suggestions that will help prevent hair loss:


  • Avoid excess of spicy, sour and salty foods as they increase heat in the body leading to depletion of tissues.
  • Cooling foods and drinks like butter milk, cumin water help to get rid of the heat.
  • Aloe vera juice taken on a regular basis not only prevents hair loss but also helps to nourish hair follicles.
  • Daily intake of white sesame seeds with yogurt is known to prevent and stop hair loss.
  • For further benefits one can also drink lettuce and spinach juice everyday.
  • Steamed foods along with steamed vegetables cooked with plenty of warming spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander.
  • Coconut is highly recommended in foods to prevent hair loss. This can be in the form of coconut water, coconut milk, or simply grated coconut added to food.
  • Chyawanprash mixed in warm milk to be taken regularly


  • Saffron mixed in warm milk along with cardamom and some cinnamon is cooling and nourishing.
  • Brahmi taken three times a day helps to reduce stress and heat therefore prevents hair loss.
  • Neem is also a very good herb to reduce heat in the body, acts as a blood cleanser therefore preventing hair loss.

 Massages and external application

  • Regular head massages with Brahmi – Amla Oil helps to prevent hair loss. Brahmi has very good antioxidant properties which allow proper nourishment hair roots and promotes growth. It also can prevent splitting of hair. Amla is very high in Vitamin C not only stops hair fall but also helps to prevent greying of hair.
  • Local application of honey and egg yolk to affected areas of the scalp for an hour and wash it off.
  • Another effective paste is a combination of powdered liquorice and whole milk. To affected patches on the scalp. Avoid using hair care products that contain harmful chemicals like SLS or parabens as they tend to increase heat in the body leading to further hair loss.
  • Ayurveda also stresses upon avoiding excess hot water to wash hair. Water should be comfortably warm

 Yoga and meditation:

  • Cooling breathing exercises like Shitali and Shitkari along with alternate nostril breathing.
  • A couple of rounds of Moon Salutations everyday.
  • Refreshing exercises like half spinal twist, half moon pose, cobra pose, fish pose are effective.



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