Candida and Ayurveda

Candida in Ayurveda is looked at as a condition with excess Ama (toxins) and a weakened immune system, with predominantly Pitta and Kapha doshas being involved. Therefore the main aim is to get rid of toxins (or stimulate the digestive fire) from the body, strengthen the immune system and pacify Pitta and Kapha Dosha.

Stimulating digestive fire:

  • Avoid faulty food combinations like fruit and yoghurt, meat and dairy, beans and cheese
  • Ginger lemon tea regularly
  • Intake of herb called Pippali (long pepper) which helps to get rid of toxins and also strengthens the immune system.
  • Emphasis on cooked foods as much as possible as this helps to strengthen the digestive fire and gets rid of toxins


  • Plenty of liquid warm foods like soups stews and freshly cooked vegetables.
  • Avoid excess of cold food early in the mornings and late towards evenings.
  • Likewise avoid excessively heating foods like red meat, red wine etc.
  • Concentrating on bitter and astringent tastes is beneficial.
  • Plenty of steamed green vegetables will be helpful.
  • Spice mixes like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and saffron made into a tea will be beneficial.


Herbs like Neem are useful as it helps to get rid of excess Pitta and Kapha therefore targeting fluid retention, lethargy, tiredness etc.

Turmeric is also very good because of its blood cleansing, antifungal properties.

Triphala works really well for people with digestive presentations like constipation, bloating, heaviness

Grated Ginger before every meal helps to strengthen the digestive fire, therefore digesting all the food and leading to a feeling of lightness and full of energy

For symptoms involving the nervous system, Brahmi as a herb really works well.


Nabhi Abhyanga or abdominal massages will help to stimulate the digestive fire, therefore eliminating toxins from the body.

This can be followed by regular Ayurvedic foot massages as this will help to eliminate excess heat from the body.

Full body marma massages are also helpful.


  • Sun Salutations are the best for people suffering from candida infections.
  • This can be followed by warming breathing exercises like Kapalabhati (cleansing breath exercise), Bhastrika (breath of fire) and alternate nostril breathing.
  • Positions like the half spinal twist, half moon pose, cobra pose, downward dog, warrior pose, dancers pose are also helpful.

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