Review Of The Month: Samsara Mind & Body Centre

Over the past 10 years of running an Ayurvedic practice and company in UK, it gives me immense pleasure and happiness to see that more and more people have been drawn to Ayurveda and Yoga and completely believe in them. One such person in Helena Sain, Founder of Samsara Mind and Body Centre.

As you get out of Southfields Train Station, it is a lovely walk through quaint and pretty lanes to Samsara Centre. On arrival I was greeted by the pretty Helena Sain. The reception and welcome area of this centre is absolutely pretty yet oozes a sense of clarity.

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I was then introduced to the lovely Aneta Podlaska, the Ayurvedic therapist at Samsara. She guided me to their Ayurvedic therapy room which is a lovely brown and beige set up. After going through a short consultation, she checked my pulse and had a quick look at my tongue. Coming from a very traditional Ayurvedic background and having taught Ayurveda so many years, I hardly ever come across therapists doing this part of the consultation prior to an Ayurvedic massage. So I was quite impressed by her consultation manner. After a  short chat it was decided that I would be receiving Udvartana, the Ayurvedic Herbal scrub massage to help get rid of any residua toxins in the body and to give an uplifting sense especially to help against the dull and rainy weather.

aneta-podlaskaAneta is one of those few therapists with a “Pitta” or fire sense of attitude. She explained exactly what would happen during the treatment and what to expect at the end of it. The treatment commenced with pouring of warm oil all over the body followed by sprinkling of the Udvartana scrub powder. The warmth of the oil gave the sense of nourishment and yet the scrub powder gave the sense of cleansing. Its one of those feelings where one feels complete.

The hour passed by as if a few minutes. And like the conclusion of any classical Ayurvedic treatment I was directed towards the shower room.

You know the treatment was a success when, at the end of it, you feel completely refreshed yet very calm at mind. This is exactly how I felt when I emerged out of the room and back into the reception area.

The overall conclusion: Absolutely lovely!

Everyone living in Wimbledon should definitely try at least one treatment at Samsara and I can assure, you will be going back there again and again.

HelenaHelena found her way to yoga when she suffered from a back injury which led her to reluctantly attend her first session. To her surprise, Yoga gave her the peace that she had searched for. Yoga then led her to Ayurveda. She then moved away from her job in the world of finance to opening up Samsara and the world of health and harmony. Samsara Mind and Body is a wellness studio in south west London, offering Yoga, Pilates, Ayurveda and Holistic Health and Beauty Therapies in a purpose built, friendly and serene setting.


Samsara offer all classical Ayurvedic treatments from Abhyanga to Udvartana along with Ayurvedic reflexology to Ayurvedic facelift treatments. They are offering a 20% Discount to all the Newsletter Readers on all their Ayurvedic Treatments. The offer ends on 23rd March 2014. Please mention the code “Apura14″ when calling them to book your treatment. For more details please visit


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