Ayurvedic Spa Review: The Spa @ Sheraton Palace Hotel, Udaipur, India

Having practiced and taught Ayurveda for many years, one seems to become a little over cautious when the word Ayurvedic Spa pops along every now and then. However on my holiday to India, I decided to take the daring step of trying out one the Ayurvedic Spas in Udaipur. And I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised.


sherspaOn our arrival at the Sheraton Palace Hotel in Udaipur, it was time to take life a bit easy. And the word most synonymous with relaxation is none other then massage. And what massage can it be for me other than an Ayurvedic massage.

Having called the Hotel Spa I booked an appointment for a 90 minute Ayurvedic treatment. And unfortunately we were running late with out visit/tour of the city. Having called again to change the appointment time I was worried that they may not agree. But to my surprise they were most accommodating without making a fuss to change the time.

Here I arrived at the spa, not knowing what to expect from a Spa at a Hotel. But I was very impressed with what I received as a service. After a short consultation I was taken into a treatment room which was quite large and yet very simple and ornate with very little furniture and clutter. This immediately gave me that sense of clarity.

The massage was definitely a typical whole body Ayurvedic Abhyanga involving long strokes with hot oil. Being in the teaching profession, I am always mentally observing and making notes of what is being done. This generally would mean that I hardly ever doze off. But perhaps this was one of those exceptions when I fell asleep while my feet were being massaged.

And when I was awake I was soaked and drenched with oil from top to toe. And this feeling I love as it makes me feel nourished and looked after. Following a proper scrub with soap and water I felt quite rejuvenated and yet quite floaty.

The treatment itself lasted for an hour and half but I must have spent another 30 minutes before I emerged out of the therapy room feeling completely happy yet calm. The Ayurvedic therapist was at hand with a post treatment drink/tea. The staff at this place are very friendly and smiling. The usual Indian mannerism that makes you happy within. The cost of the treatment was also quite reasonable at approximately £45 for a whole two and half hour luxury.

I could have easily spent the rest of the afternoon and evening relaxing in the comfortable rooms of the Sheraton. But the New Years Eve party in the evening sounded quite exciting to give it a miss.

The over all experience was very very good. I would definitely have gone back for another treatment had my plan not been so busy. I would definitely recommend the Spa at Sheraton Palace Hotel for all the visitors to Udaipur to experience a great Ayurvedic Massage.

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