Dr Deepa’s Diary January 2015

Before I begin, here is wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! May this year bring all the joy and happiness you have been wishing for.  And talking about the New Year, it’s so hard to believe that we have already landed ourselves in 2015.

Golden 2015 Happy New Year Greeting Card With Sparking Spot Ligh

Once upon a time a very long time ago, 2015 seemed like a date in the very very far future. But now here we are 2015 directly staring into our face! And now it’s our turn to make the best of it.

Here at Ayurveda Pura, we have been busy working to get the New Year all up and started!

wellbeing-kit-3675-edit detoxAs always we have a lot of offer you this January. Now that we have enjoyed Xmas and New Year celebration to our hearts content, now it’s time to for a gentle cleanse. As many of you may know or have read, Cancer Research UK are running a Dryathlon January to raise cancer awareness but most importantly to also help get our systems back in place. So why not add an Ayurvedic twist to the Dryathlon by going on an Ayurvedic Detox Dryathlon!  Read here to find out how!

For those who haven’t yet booked on the Facelift Massage Workshop or the Foot Massage Workshop, here is you chance to get the workshop at a discounted price. Do read the newsletter to find out how.

Also for those who are interested in the Ayurvedic Therapist Course and want to learn all about the wonderful Ayurvedic Therapies, the next course commences on 9th March 2015. There is still time to get the course at an early bird discount rate.

Once again here wishing everyone a great Year ahead, and I very much look forward to hearing about successes as the year goes along.

New Year Cleanse with Ayurveda Pura’s Daily Detox Kit

Ayurveda Pura’s Magic Mixes and Survival Kits:

Ayurveda Pura’s Magic Mixes are a fun and yet an effective way of bringing back balance into the body and mind!

These Magic Mixes can either mixed in herbal teas, juices, warm milk or water. They can also be sprinkled over salads as salad dressings. Or if you want to get innovative why not cook your food with the magic mixes

Daily Detox Magic Mix with Triphala, Ginger and Cinnamon

detoc mixIn Ayurveda, Triphala is known for its cleansing qualities. It helps to get rid of toxins which may lead to illness and in return helps to strengthen the digestive capacity.

Ginger is widely known as a detoxifying herb. It has fire like qualities and helps to melt out the toxins from the body. Both the herbs result in increase of mental and physical energy and enthusiasm.

Daily Detox Kit™

Tired of complicated cleansing routines? This is probably the easiest way to get rid of toxins from your body.

Chyawanprash; De-Tox Herbal Tea; Daily Detox Magic Mix

wellbeing-kit-3675-edit detox ayurveda-pura-3596 detoc 2





How to use this Kit:

Morning routine: Start off your day with the All Natural De-Tox Herbal Tea followed by two spoonfuls of the Award winning Chyawanprash and one teaspoon of your Organic Detox Magic Food Mix.

During the day take plenty of the De-Tox Herbal Tea especially after every snack and meal.

Evening Routine: Once again take Chyawanprash in hot water and one teaspoon of your Organic Detox Magic Food Mix just before bedtime.

For further benefits focus on more liquid foods such as soups, stews etc. Warm food is the key. Try a little Ayurvedic secret and avoid eating dairy and fruit together at the same time.

Detox could have never been easier!

Winter Blues and Ayurveda

Winter is a typical Vata and Kapha Season. Vata qualities are those of dryness and coldness. Kapha qualities are those of wetness and coldness. The aim is to reduce Vata and Kapha. This is best done through bringing in some warmth and heat via foods, herbs, massages, yoga and everyday life style.


  • Concentrate on warm foods which are well spiced. These can be plenty of soups and stews and nourishing foods.
  • Make a stimulating tea by boiling equal amounts of black pepper, cumin seeds, ginger and lemon juice. Filter the tea and consume it 2-3 times a day. This will help to bring back that enthusiasm and energy.
  • detox re-energiseConsume plenty of Detox Tea or Re- Energise Tea during the day.
  • Avoid cold foods and drinks first thing in the morning.  Replace this with a ginger and lemon tea. Ginger has fire like qualities so will help remove the lethargy and tiredness and lemon has cleansing qualities.


  • One of the best herbs during this season is Pippali. Also called as long pepper, this helps to stimulate the immune system and improves circulation.
  • Tulsi or holy basil is another herb really suited for the winter blues. It helps not only to lift up moods but also helps to strengthen the respiratory system therefore preventing colds, coughs and flus.
  • chyawanprash copyOne of the best food supplements during winter is Chyawanprash. Made of approximately 47 herbs this vegetarian supplement is the best companion for winter. One teaspoon taken in hot water as a hot herbal drink will give that much needed boost to your energy and make the body feel lighter and energetic. Added advantages are that it is one of the best Ayurvedic choices to strengthen the immune system


  • smo_0112_1Regular self massage at home with warm sesame seed oil will help to nourish the skin and the body.
  • Alternatively a whole body Abhyanga massage with your local massage therapist will help to remove those winter blues and add a spring in your step.
  • One of the best treatments during winter is Udvartana , Ayurvedic herbal scrub massage. Massaging the body with finely ground herbs and oils will not only stimulate dermal circulation, but will also ensure to prevent cellulite and improve metabolism by helping to remove the feeling of lethargy.


  • Stimulating yoga practices like the sun salutation is very helpful.
  • Follow this by warming breathing exercises like the Kapalabhati (cleansing breath exercise) or Bhastrika (breath of fire)


  • It may be cold out there but don’t let this stop you from going out. Include short walks in your daily routine. This will help to remove the heaviness and lethargy from the body.
  • One of the best activities during winter to keep those winter blues away is to go dancing or group activities like Zumba, Yoga, Pilates. It is essential that you spend more time around people than being alone.
  • If possible take up gentle fasting one day every two weeks. Consume plenty of warm liquids, soups and warm smoothies on this day.