Dr Deepa’s Diary September 2014

Excellence in Education Awards by the FHT – Tutor of the Year 2014

This edition of the the blog is of course very special to me! I have some great news to share. I believe this would be a dream for anyone in teaching profession especially the holistic field. On 11th September 2014, I was very fortunate to receive the Excellence in Education Awards held by the FHT – www.fht.org.uk.

FHT 2014 awards Deepa Apte Cheryl Cole





Not only was it wonderful to receive the Award but I was very fortunate to meet some very wonderful people at the event, including Bharti Vyas, Annie Walling, Melanie Pearce, Karen Young.


Ayurveda Pura Academy Open Evening: We are pleased to announce that we will once again be holding the Academy Open Evening on 13th November 2014. After a  very successful event in 2013, we are here again with the event which promises lots of exciting networking, talks, offers on Ayurvedic products, treatments and courses. If you are interested in attending the event, please follow to Facebook: Open Evening Email Academy@AyurvedaPura.com or call us on 0208 312 8383 option 1.

Lately I have been attending various networking events focused on Women like the International Women’s Forum, Emerging Leaders Network, Women Empowered, Women of The Future! And I am glad I have been able to do this as I have made a lot of great connections and contacts. If anyone is looking to get involved in any such events or networks please do let me know.

And lastly please do not forget about the
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Here is wishing you a great Autumn as it comes along!




Wonders of GHEE: Natural Clarified Butter

Wonders of Ghee: Natural Clarified Butter


Ghee, also called as clarified butter has been an integral part of Ayurveda for a very long time. Ghee has been so much importance that it has been mentioned in the first few chapters of their ancient text books of Ayurveda.

As the word goes, it’s the clarified part of pure butter. When butter is cooked gently over low to medium heat, this result if formation of ghee. When we cook approximately 200gms of butter, the amount of ghee we get is only aroudn120gms. The rest of the 80gms would have been the unwanted fats and substances that are not needed by the body. Therefore ghee is called clarified butter because it has been cleared off of all the unwanted harmful substances that our body doesn’t need.

Ghee has been used not only as food but as a part herbal preparation and medicinal oils.


Indian ceremonies are not complete without the fire ceremony. Usually Ghee is used in the fire ceremony to keep it strong and going. There is a saying in Ayurveda: Just the way small amount of ghee keeps the ceremonial fire going, like wise intake of small amounts of ghee will help to strengthen the digestive fire or Agni.


Ghee has very good nourishing and lubricating effects on the body. When taken regularly in smaller amounts, ghee helps to nourish the skin and internal organs giving a lovely glow to the skin. Ghee is also known to have very good anti oxidant properties.

Ghee has been used widely in cooking. This doesn’t have to be Indian cooking only but it can be any other cuisine. Instead of using olive oil or any other oil, ghee can be used.  Likewise Ghee can be used in salads too. Ghee can easily replace butter on toasts, crackers etc.

gheeGhee when taken in small amounts regularly will also help to control cholesterol levels. The best remedy is to mix turmeric with half tea spoon of ghee and taken three times daily. Ghee contains essential fatty acids and is very easily digested. It also contains certain essential vitamins like Vitamin E and Vitamin A.

To help relieve constipation, ghee is mixed in half a cup of warm ilk along with half teaspoonful of turmeric and taken in the evening around bedtime. Once again ghee along with turmeric when applied locally helps with skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis.

Foot massages with ghee really helps with ailments like recurrent headaches, insomnia, hay fever, and migraines.

Ghee is also an essential part of the classical Ayurvedic cleansing therapies called Panchakarma. Ghee is usually taken internally for three to four days before the actual cleansing therapies commence.

Ghee has also been used widely in Ayurvedic beauty therapies. It has either been used as a facial cleanser or facial moisturizer.  At the same time ghee has also been used in various face masks with other natural Ayurvedic ingredients based on a person’s skin type or body type.