Dr Deepa’s Diary April 2013

Now with the cold winter behind us and having welcomed some warmth and sunshine, its time to go towards hot summer. And while the weather has been taking its turn, Ayurveda Pura too has been busy with many things.

To celebrate the winning of the “Spa of The Year” Award, Ayurveda Pura had a celebrations party. And of course as usual all of us had a great time!


For the ones who are still looking for a beautiful experience and time of relaxation, drop into our Award winning Ayurveda Pura Health Spa. And to make it even more worthwhile we are still giving a 25% Discount on all Ayurvedic treatments.

It was also lovely to welcome the lovely Ariadna Bakhmatova to our spa for a Spa review for the Magazine “Lucuma” Click here and go to Page Number 85 to read all about it.

April also saw the Natural Products Exhibition where we met plenty of new and wonderful people. I also had the opportunity to talk about Anti Aging Through Ayurveda. The exhibition was followed by a lovely celebration dinner and dance in Kensington. Yet another opportunity to meet more people!

213The biggest reward for me in the last month was a lovely letter from one of the students, Asmita Trivedy. And here it is (with her permission):

“”Hello Deepa,

Thank you very much for your guidance on my very first Panchakarma client. The transformation in the client was amazing. The change in her skin tone, increase in her energy levels, disappearance of feeling of lethargy, bloating and gas complaint gone, constant dull headache – no more, more positive outlook towards life in general. She feels more confident and feels calmer and in control of the situation. She has joined the class on Flower Arrangement which she had always wanted to do. 

Her counsellor immediately picked up on the change in her and how positive she was through the session. She remarked on her confidence level and noticed the change in her walk, eyes and guess what? She would like to know about Ayurveda.

One of my client for the Mukhabhyanga has named it as a Miracle Face Massage. All the credit to you.

Thank you. Just seeing the transformation was truly amazing and very fulfilling for having been able to help someone. With very warm regards.  Asmita””

First of all, a big Congratulations to Asmita for carrying out the treatments! So if anyone is based in Milton Keynes, please let me know and I will direct you to the wonderful Asmita Trivedy!  And secondly I am so grateful to see that Ayurveda really works and people can appreciate and enjoy the benefits received from this wonder science!

There are some really exciting and interesting short courses coming up like Ayurveda For Pregnancy. In this not only will you learn about Ayurveda’s view on pregnancy but also understand how to approach this phase in a month by month fashion. Also you will learn how to massage a pregnant client in the early part and latter part of pregnancy! Click here for the course details.

And of course there is the Marma Therapy Course. Learn all about the secrets of Marma (energy points), where they are located and how to treat them! This is indeed one of my favourite courses to teach too!  Click here for the course details.

And lastly, I will be visiting Belfast for a one day course on Ayurvedic Foot Massage. So if anyone is interested in meeting up or wanting say hello please let me know. Its always good to meet new people and expand the experience!

With Warm wishes, as it slowly gets warm here in London

Dr Deepa Apte