Dr Deepa’s Diary: March 2013

Hello everyone! Ever since my last blog, I have been quite busy! 2013 has turned out to be a far more exciting and busy year so far. And lets hope it continues to be so!


The biggest news for us so far is that Ayurveda Pura health Spa won the Best National Spa of the Year award at the English Hair and Beauty Awards in Manchester. Everyone at Ayurveda Pura are extremely happy and excited about this great piece of news. Everyone has worked really hard and this award goes to show that hard work is indeed appreciated. Also it has given us a great sense of achievement and focus for future endeavours.



2013 also brought along a busy schedule
for the Academy.  We had a great
group of 14 Japanese students for a five
day Ayurvedic Beauty Therapies
and Marma therapy Course!
Personally I learnt a lot from
them too. Their dedication towards
the treatments and the respect
shown by them was overwhelming.

march 2013



And lastly we had the opportunity to welcome a lovely group of 12 students from around the world for our 10 day Ayurvedic Therapist Course. It was a super success and it was absolutely wonderful spending 10 days with them.


This year we are also taking part in the Natural & Organic Products Exhibition in London. Ayurveda Pura will be there on 7th and 8th April. I will also be giving a talk on Natural Beauty with Ayurveda on 7th April.